A New School Year At Hogwarts

Raja Kitty The Familiar
Raja The Familiar

It’s the beginning of teh school year in a lot of places. And iz a new school year at Hogwarts. I don’t go to school. I iz a cat.

September 1, 2017 is the first day of school for Albus Severus Potter, son of Harry and Ginny Potter. So, I, (Raja) wanted to dress up in my Hogwart’s best. I asked Mommy to go over to Photofunia and give my picture a Potter look. I make a perfect familiar, and I is a perfect Slytherin kitty.

Raja Kitty The Familiar Original
Raja The Familiar Original

I had Mommy use this picture of me on teh deck.

Raja Kitty Stained Glass
Raja Stained Glass

Exploring Hogwarts, I found this wonderful stained glass window of me in the Slytherin common room. Albus got sorted into Slytherin and I wanted to see what their common room looked like. Mommy used the Lunapic Nouveau filter.

Raja Kitty Stained Glass Original
Raja Stained Glass Original

She had used this picture of me on our deck.

Zoe Kitty Camouflage
Zoe Camouflage

Not to be left out, Zoe, who is a real Ravenclaw know it all, played around with the colored poster filter on Big Huge Labs till she got a combination she liked. She thought she could camouflage herself anywhere in the castle that way. Harry had a cape of invisibility for that. I’ll find her, though.

Zoe Kitty Camouflage Original
Zoe Camouflage Original

She used this photo of herself for those.

Fantasy Zoe Kitty
Fantasy Zoe

But, true to her Ravenclaw self, she wanted an unusual and fantasyish picture of herself. A little prissy, if you ask me. Mommy thought it was really pretty. Zoe had found a cool custom filter on Dreamscape for that one.

Fantasy Zoe Kitty Original
Fantasy Zoe Original

This is the photo she used for that picture.

Taking a break from Hogwarts, Mommy, who is a Hufflepuff, has worked very hard this week getting teh house ready for workmen to come in and do stuff to teh house. She warned us they will cause a commotion, and is getting us some Rescue Remedy and Felaway to calm us down. I may just go back to Hogwarts to explore the castle, so we can miss the hubbub.


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  1. Yay! I’ve been trying to tell you since last night how much I love that first picture. Fantasy Zoe is another favorite. I just love that little pink tongue! 🙂


    1. Thanks and thanks for coming by. I’m glad you finally got in. It was pretty annoying to not be able to get in myself. Then I realized no one was commenting, so I figured out no one else could get in either. I had fun doing those pictures. And I love Zoe’s little pink tongue, too.


  2. This is such a fun post! This here human grew up reading Harry Potter and still finds great joy in getting lost in the stories. You kitties would be purrfect familiars! This here human always knew that if she went to a place like Hogwarts, she would easily choose to take a kitty with her (owls are pretty cool, but kitties are the best of the best). If you take a tour of Hogwarts, do let us know how it looks these days!


    1. Thanks for coming by. My mommy keeps watching the movies over and over, but does need to do a reread of the books. Mommy has promised to take us with her. She is a Hufflepuff, you know, (per Pottermore). We had a great time when we visited Hogwarts. We wants to go back. Mommy said that Pottermore has a tour of Hogwarts on their site right now. She said it was pretty cool.
      Raja and Zoe


  3. Amazingly beautiful kitties. The stained glass effect is wonderful…I must find this Raja and get mom to do it on me…Zoe you are perfect in the different effects.
    I finally found your post and can say something…woo hoo. Have a great weekend friends.



  4. So glad you came back to tell us about the comments issue because we did try to comment earlier today and were told we were “bots” and got shoo-ed away!!
    We had said we enjoyed this so much today … right now we are just starting the whole Harry Potter series, reading it to (and with) my 7-yr old grandson each night (he does much of the reading) … and both of us are having fun with it. Me for the 2nd time around, he for the 1st. After each book, we’ll watch the movies. (Books are usually better, and encourage the imagination!) So your post was timely and fun … not to mention he’ll start 2nd grade on Tuesday.
    So, thanks again for sharing … very creative, loved it!
    And we’re not “bots”!


    1. Thanks, and thanks for coming back. It was funny. I was already having problems getting in, myself. Then I noticed that I wasn’t getting any comments, either. I found a back door, using a different browser and disabled the plugin and installed a different one I use in my gardening site. Hopefully, no more problems. So much time had elapsed, that I felt I needed to post a second comment, so people would know they could try again.
      I love Harry Potter, and had done the Potter image, several days ago. Then I discovered that yesterday’s date is the official date that Albus Severus Potter enters Hogwarts. So it was a no brainer to use that in a post. I’m ready for a reread, and your idea of reading the book, then watching the movie is a good one. My son has never seen all of the movies or read the books, and now his twins are reading them. I’m trying to encourage him to finally read the books, or at least see the movies. Yael


    1. Thanks for coming by. Your post got trapped in the spam filter. I allowed both of them. Raja is the perfect familiar, and he really is a little Slytherin kitty.


  5. I love the stained glass and the fantasy Zoe, very pretty. Kitties can go to school if they join Cat Scouts, there is a Cat Scout University with classes once a month. My Sammy is one.


  6. I love Zoe’s fantasy especially with the shades of pink. But Raja’s is the winner for us with the stained glass effect which teases just a bit until you can see Raja’s image amidst the joyous array of colour and shape.
    Toodle pip and purrs


  7. Raja you really make the grand familiar as all Gingers do! Zoe your camouflage and fantasy looks are purrfect fur you
    Timmy and Family


    1. Hi Timmy, Thanks for stopping by. I iz very happy being a familiar. I sat wif Mommy as she watched Order Of The Phoenix last night. Zoe iz too and she enjoys being the center of attenshun, when she isn’t camouflaging.
      Raja and Zoe


  8. All pictures of you are gorgeous and beautiful. We love the stainess glass effect very much and so lovely with the books…like all has started with a fairy tail…eh… tale😹 Pawkisses for a great week ahead😘❤😻


  9. Your stained glass designs would look excellent at Hogwarts! My grandma makes stained glass, but hasn’t made one of me yet. She made one of the Basset a few years ago. Zoe, I think I am a Ravenclaw, like you! Mom & I have seen the HP movies many many times, but she finally started reading the books this year. She is reading the Goblet of Fire right now. I would love to roam the Hogwarts castle, especially after dark! Mew Mew!


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