Caturday Art Quickie

Hi all. I have been playing with these videos for awhile, but they are finally here, just in time for Caturday Art.  I have one video and one extracted still for both Raja and Zoe.  Zoe was rolling on a catnip branch, hence the name of the video, Catnip Fever.  I used the Vimo app for both the cute titles and end stickers and the music.

Catnip Fever With Zoe Kitty
Catnip Fever

Here is the still I took from the video using the Lunapic Jungle filter.

And here is my Pretzel Raja rolling up into impossible poses.

Pretzel Raja Kitty
Pretzel Raja

I used the Lunapic Flames filter for the still.

Hope you are all having a great Caturday.


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  1. We love those videos AND the artwork, Yael! Raja’s pretzel poses are a delight to behold. 🙂


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