Caturday Art Festival

Arty Bird Houses
Arty Bird Houses

Can you believe Mommy was at an art festival instead of getting picturs of me (Raja) ready for Caturday Art? At least the art festival had bird houses. I wanted Mommy to get one so we could have birdies, but she said they was too spensiv. She did take a pictur, tho. The says she used Hipstamatic Bucktown filter combination wif the Scott S lens and Blackey’s IR film.

Arty Bird Houses Original
Arty Bird Houses Original

The original was very colorful. I wants one.

Raja Kitty Grooming Antique
Raja Grooming Raja Grooming Antique

She finally got home and got busy making the picturs I wanted. I likes black and white, so she used several Hipstamatic filters for these. This one of me grooming, ( I needs to look my best so Mommy can take more picturs), was made wif the Hipstamatic Tinto lens and Uchitel 20 film. I think it turned out very nice. A little old.

Raja Kitty Grooming Original
Raja Grooming Original

Of course, the original of me was beautiful.

Wavy Raja Reflection
Wavy Raja Reflection

I is lying on the deck chair for this one, and Mommy took a pictur of my reflectun in the door. I had her use another black and white filter for it. This one is Hipstamatic Rockstar combination wif Magdalena lens and Blacks XF film. I thought it was very cool. A crisp pictur of the wavy reflectun.

Wavy Raja Kitty Reflection Original
Wavy Raja Reflection Original

This is the original of handsome me, all wavy in the glass reflectun.

Raja Kitty Sleeping Antique
Raja Sleeping Antique

I was finally tired of taking picturs and went to sleep on the chair, but not before I could choose the filters for Mommy’s pictur of me. I chose a Hipstamatic separate app, Tintype for this one. It is really very old fashuned.

Raja Kitty Sleeping Original
Raja Sleeping Original

This is the colorful one.  I is so tuckered by now.


30 Replies to “Caturday Art Festival”

    1. Thank you and thanks for coming by. I is sorry we didn’t get a bird house too. Maybe Mommy will get one next time she goes to a art festival.
      Raja and Zoe


  1. Amazing waving reflection artwork 😀 We are also in love with the bird houses. We have only the wooden ones, but no birdie is coming to our garden…besides that pigeon that is almost my size…MOL 😀 Cool Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday 🙂 ❤


  2. Well Black and White has always been my thing, and not just as I’m a TUX, but it adds a lovely extra dimension to things and I believe makes you think more about what you see. Raja looks lovely on the chair.
    Purrs. ERin


    1. Thank you, Erin. And thanks for coming over. Zoe loves the black and white thing, because she is a tuxie, too. And, I agree, you can see tonal differences really easily in black and white.


  3. Our favorite is the reflection one. You appear to be flying through the air. Wouldn’t that be fun. Thanks for joining s for our special selfies post. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  4. We think your Mom went to the art festival so she could learn more things to help you out with your wonderful photos and editing! 🙂


  5. We like your artwork, Raja. And we always love the original pictures of you, which are so handsome!

    That art festival your Mommy went to looks really fun. Those birdhouses are neat.


  6. That is really a shame that she preferred to go to this art festival instead of taking pictures of you. I honestly prefer you in colors, but that’s my personal taste I don’t like black and white, except on my Rosie a tuxi cat !


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