More Caturday Art Outtakes

Swirly Eye Conehead (Raja Kitty)

We (Raja and Zoe made some wonderful discoveries this week on Mommy’s computer....arty pictures of Us.  We decided to put these Outtakes on Caturday Art.  We don’t understand why they hadn’t been there before.  But now here they are.  Most of them were in Dreamscope .  Here is Conehead Raja swirly eyes again with the …


Getting Back To Cats On Caturday

Kandinsky Contorted Raja Kitty

Forget about water woes.  I’m getting back to my cats this Caturday.  I have been a bit distracted to take many photos, but I sure can play with Lunapic.  So here goes.  My ever photogenic Raja was doing a contortionist act for me on the deck.  When he does this, it usually means he wants …