Sweet Kittehs Wordless Wednesday

Awwww Sweet Raja Kitty

I got some really sweet shots of my kittehs this week.  So here they are on Wordless Wednesday too sweet to even be snarky!  Raja is sleeping peacefully. Zoe is sweet and beautiful. Raja is able to touch is nose with his tongue. Loony Eye Zoe look. I’m really thankful for such sweet kittehs.  Happy …


It Really Is Wordless Wednesday

Nanner Nanner Zoe Kitty

For a change, it really is Wordless Wednesday., almost.   I promise. Zoe and Raja are ready.  Zoe sticking out her tongue.  Well, Zoe, that is rude. Raja looking at the other kitty on the deck. And a few more words to tell what I am thankful for.  Yay!  The water contamination cleared up and we …