At Last Mom’s Back From Her Travels

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Raja

At last, Mom’s back from her travels.  She lefted us for a whole month.  It made me get up on the roof.  Mommy did this with Word Photo. This is the original. And Me turn green.  Mom did this with Poptoon11. And the original of me on the bed. We had to hear about what …


Meet My Grand Kitty Nuggles

My Grand Kitty Nuggles Original

Meet my Grand Kitty, Nuggles. You may have seen a picture of him on Caturday Art about my trip to California. He is a very sweet kitty that my son has had since his twins were born, sometimes called Nuggley Buggely Boo Boo.  What’s with that? The boys were premature and my son and his …