Caturday Art On The Move

The Playing In Catnip Website, along with this week’s Caturday Art made the journey to WordPress hosting. Everything is in one place.

Summer Mode

Zoe In Catnip Psychic Red

Hi all.  It has been really crazy busy around here, so I never got last week’s pics posted, or those from the week before.  By now, I have forgotten which Lunapic filters I used, so here they are with a big “I don’t know.”  Here is a photo of Zoe munching on the volunteer Catnip plant …

Art On The Run

Dreamy Raja

I’m making a speedy post today, because I am going to a pruning demonstration for grape vines. Yes, you do this in January in the Pacific Northwest. I had planned to do a summer throwback post since I am tired of winter. This is the abbreviated version. We actually have Snowdrops blooming, as well as …