Sweet Kittehs Caturday Art

Sweet Arty Raja Kitty
Sweet Arty Raja

It’s a Caturday again and I thought I’d show art from my Wordless Wednesday Sweet Kittehs post and in the same order.  I chose some Lunapic filters that also show their sweet side.  My Raja looked so cute and sweet asleep on the chair.  I chose the Lunapic Floating filter with pastel shades.

Awwww Sweet Raja Kitty
Awwww Sweet Raja

Here is the original of him asleep in the chair.

Beautiful Arty Zoe Kitty
Beautiful Arty Zoe

I used the Delaunay filter with the photo of Zoe perched so nicely on her chair.  I love the mottled impressionist look. 

Hi Beautiful Zoe Kitty
Hi Beautiful Zoe

This was the original photo of Zoe.

Sweet Nose Touching Raja Kitty
Sweet Nose Touching Raja

And here is my sun worshiper, Raja, touching his nose with his tongue, although you can’t see that as well with the Beauty filter that I used on his photo.  It really is soft and beautiful.

Sweet Satisfaction Raja Kitty
Sweet Satisfaction

Here is the original picture of Raja that I used.

Loony Eye Zoe Kitty Art
Loony Eye Zoe Art

Looney eye Zoe was perfect for the Wall Paper Lunapic filter.  I thought it was a light, fun filter.  

Loony Eye Zoe Kitty
Loony Eye Zoe

And here is the original of this picture.  

Strawberry Kitty Dreams
Strawberry Kitty Dreams

These last two photos are new.  I love this picture of Raja.  Strawberry Raja was asleep in the bed of strawberries.  

Strawberry Kitty Dreams Original
Strawberry Kitty Dreams Original

Here is the original picture.

Zoe Kitty Ear Scritch Ecstasy
Zoe Ear Scritch Ecstasy

Zoe is in ecstasy giving her ear a scritch.  So I thought I would give her a lively look with the Flowers filter.

Zoe Kitty Ear Scritch Ecstasy Original
Zoe Ear Scritch Ecstasy Original

This is the original photo of Zoe.

Kitty Word Cloud 1
Kitty Word Cloud 1

I also played around with two Word Cloud makers.  The first one is online and on the WordCloudMaker.com website.  You can change the direction of the word alignment, the font, and color of the text.  However there was only one kitty template in a blue color, which can’t be changed.

Kitty Word Cloud 1
Kitty Word Cloud 1

The second is an iPad app, Shape Go.  There are several kitty templates, and you can change the background color to either white or black.  And you can change the word alignment, font, and word colors.  Pretty cool.   


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  1. I love those kitty word clouds, I want to try those with the names of all my cats. All your art came out great, especially Zoe with the Delaunay filter. Have a great week!


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