Sweet Kittehs Wordless Wednesday

Awwww Sweet Raja Kitty
Awwww Sweet Raja

I got some really sweet shots of my kittehs this week.  So here they are on Wordless Wednesday too sweet to even be snarky!  Raja is sleeping peacefully.

Hi Beautiful Zoe Kitty
Hi Beautiful Zoe

Zoe is sweet and beautiful.

Sweet Satisfaction Raja Kitty
Sweet Satisfaction

Raja is able to touch is nose with his tongue.

Loony Eye Zoe Kitty
Loony Eye Zoe

Loony Eye Zoe look.

I’m really thankful for such sweet kittehs.  Happy Wednesday!


22 Replies to “Sweet Kittehs Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Zoe looks extra cute on her lavender blankie. Does Raja make a lot of raspberries with his tongue too? I do that and I’m pretty sure my tongue can touch my nose. Winky winks.

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  2. My granddaughter has a cat that look like the one you put up in the first picture. 🙂 We have one cat. When we move into a house we may get another!

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    1. Hi Roses,
      Thanks for coming by. Our orange boy is a sweetie. We have two cats. Zoe is our tuxedo kitty and Raja is the orange one. However many you have is wonderful.


  3. Well, those are lovely and loveable kitties, that’s for sure! Zoe has such a “look” falling off her chair!


  4. They really are so nice to look at!
    Thanks for sharing them for us for a day 🙂

    – Lisa


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