More Caturday Art Outtakes

Swirly Eye Conehead (Raja Kitty)
Swirly Eye Conehead

We (Raja and Zoe made some wonderful discoveries this week on Mommy’s computer….arty pictures of Us.  We decided to put these Outtakes on Caturday Art.  We don’t understand why they hadn’t been there before.  But now here they are.  Most of them were in Dreamscope .  Here is Conehead Raja swirly eyes again with the Cone of Shame on after he hurt his tail.  Zoe is laughing up her paw.

Kiwi Zoe Kitty
Kiwi Zoe

Raja thinks Zoe’s eyes look funny in this picture.  Zoe thinks it’s a pretty colorful picture.   She likes it.

Golden Summer Puppy
Golden Summer Puppy

Another picture we found is of Summer, our puppy cousin, in Israel.  We think it is really pretty with Gold veins running through it.  This is also a Dreamscope picture. 

Swirly Roof Raja Kitty
Swirly Roof Raja

And here is swirly Raja on the roof.  He is always on the roof.  He needs to be careful not to swirl and roll off the roof.  Zoe thinks his eyes look funny here, too.

Golden Mosaic Raja Kitty
Golden Mosaic Raja

And we found one more picture of Raja in a golden mosaic.  Zoe wonders why they hadn’t found more pictures of her.

Nanner Zoe Kitty
Nanner Zoe

Not Dreamscope we’re two pictures which mommy made this week.  Remember the Wordless Wednesday pictures?  Well, here are the arty versions of them done with Lunapic filters.    Here is Zoe’s Nanner Nanner picture using the Lunapic Candy Filter.  Her tongue sure is pink.

Raja And The Other Kitty
Raja And The Other Kitty

And Raja looking at the other kitty on the deck, using the Edatonist filter to really show off the other kitty.  Really cool.

We hope everyone has a great Caturday.  

PS. Are these the most adorable kittens ever?  Adoptable in Salem OR


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  1. Those swirly eyes are fun! I’ve been waiting weeks for my latest additions in Dreamscope to come back. Maybe they’ll show up one day. But then other times, things are finished in an hour. Oh well… 🙂


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