It Really Is Wordless Wednesday

Nanner Nanner Zoe Kitty
Nanner Nanner

For a change, it really is Wordless Wednesday., almost.   I promise. Zoe and Raja are ready.  Zoe sticking out her tongue.  Well, Zoe, that is rude.

Is That Another Kitty?
Is That Another Kitty?

Raja looking at the other kitty on the deck.

And a few more words to tell what I am thankful for.  Yay!  The water contamination cleared up and we are no longer advised to drink bottled.  We actually had water distribution sites for about three days.  Thank goodness, that is over.

Ha!  I spoke too soon.  No sooner had I responded to my first comment on this post, than the city of Salem announced that higher levels of toxins were found in the water again and they resumed the water ban.   I have a feeling that this will be a recurring theme this summer.  Well, I suppose I can still be thankful that the water distribution site is less than a mile away.





14 Replies to “It Really Is Wordless Wednesday”

  1. The city employee mistakenly turned off our water supply last week, so we had NO WATER for 12 hours, but that doesn’t compare with your situation! Glad you have water again!


    1. Oye. Well, I spoke too soon, because the city just put the ban back on again about an hour ago. Grrrr. I only hope they bring back the same water station, because it was very near. Yael


  2. Zoe makes a good raspberry… er… naner naner. Hmm… I’ve never had bottled water. Is it infused with nip? I purr-sonally find it hard to be Wordless on Wednesday and I seldom am. Tee hee hee.


  3. Raja and Zoe, you both look great today. That sunshine must feel great on your fur.

    Yael, we’re sorry to hear of your on again, off again water restrictions. We hope things are back to normal soon.


  4. We love that super cute photo. I sure hope your water situation is resolved once and for all soon. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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