Caturday Art On The Move

4D2F0EFC-A610-4943-A574-B2858EDE8448It’s Caturday!  And our Caturday Art has been on the move along with our website.  Mommy decided to move us to the WordPress server (whatever that is).  She said she will pay less money and have all her Websites talking to each other in one place.  But it has taken her a lot of time, and she hasn’t posted nearly enough about us.  I’m posting this now, because she is still doing something else now.  She did snap this photo of me buried in Catnip which she put through the Lunapic tattoo filter.  I think it’s cool and gives me stripy fur.

Dreamy Raja
Dreamy Raja

I couldn’t find a recent photo of my bruver, Raja, so I just put in this old one.  He likes it.  I think it’s Lunapic, too.  He loves staring at nothing on the fence.

6467E34D-D19A-4605-896F-77C4EE85DC3DMommy has been busy with other things, like leaving us locked in the house while she goes to fun things.  She just went to Adelmans Peony Farm this last week.  I think she could have brought us, too.  We could have chased meeses through the fields.

2E32B7EF-9AE9-420E-B890-1FF4C8CC4EC8She also left us alone all last Saturday afternoon and evening while she went to a concert by someone called Paul Simon who was making this Farewell Tour.  Who Cares?  What is important is that we were trapped in the house while she was out having fun.  We ignored her when she got home at midnight.

Playing In Catnip Icon

Well, getting back to the move, Mommy likes that the controls for all her Websites are in one place now, even though she posts very infrequently on all but this one now.  She even made some really cool icons for each one.  This is ours, for  Look it’s me in a Lunapic filter.  I iz very happy she picked this one.  She thinks it shows my profile nicely.  All the pictures should be clickable, too.

And this is the icon for her gardening website,  She updates this one pretty infrequently now, but there are lots and lots of gardening tips, and pictures of our beautiful garden, and pictures of us.  We like it, and we like playing in the garden.  She is still working on getting all of the pictures to display properly.


This is the website icon for the 2 Adult Coloring Books Mommy published and has on Amazon.  We think that is a great name for the website.  And we are happy that Mommy hasn’t grown up and plays with us most of the time.  The coloring books are pretty cool, and Mommy had fun making them.  We are proud of her.


And this is the last website, Mommy rarely updates this one but couldn’t bare to let it go, and she reposted all the original content onto one of the free WordPress domains.  It has all the craziness about our last move and home sale woes and a bunch of other stuff.  My bruver, Raja wasn’t with us then; and I had my sweet bruver, Max and my sister, Esther who have gone to the Catnip Fields In the Sky Over The Rainbow Bridge.  The icon photo is from the Total Solar Eclipse we had last summer.  Look at those crazy glasses.  Mommy said it was fun, but she kept us in the house so we wouldn’t get scared.  I still want to have seen it.

Well, that was a lot.  It sure was hard to type all that with just four toes.  I should have had Raja type it, because he has six toes.  Now I had better put it up on Caturday Art at  Mommy just said to tell you that if you subscribed to get our newsletter, she is working to set up the new newsletter.



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  1. Welcome to wordpress. Those peonies are gorgeous. We have some, but they are not even close to blooming yet. Very pretty art.

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    1. Thank you. So far, I am liking that everything is in one place, but I have gotten my sites mixed up on a couple of occasions. Lol. I love that Peony garden. We just went again yesterday. And I was good, and didn’t buy one I was looking at.


    1. Thanks. The concert was awesome. It was my fourth, Dodger Stadium, Graceland, and one I don’t remember the name of. Gratefully, he disavowed us of the notion that this really was a final farewell tour. And it was one great two hour+ singalong. Yael


  2. Gosh, what a lot of sites you have! And such nice graphics too. We particularly like your playing with catnip icon the best, such a lovely combo of colours and imagery.
    Have a lovely week and holiday!
    Toodle pips

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  3. Love your art!

    Sounds like your mom had a great time!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


  4. Congratulations to your mom on getting all her blogs in one place. We hope that will make things more streamlined/easy.

    We love your artwork, as always. Look how stripey you look in that first one, Zoe!

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  5. Your Caturday art is fabulishious! We love all 3! And the new icons are spectacular!
    Your Mom has been furry busy


  6. Your art looks great, and so does your site! I have thought about moving to WordPress, but then i think about how much time it would take and I go on to think of other things. 🙂


  7. Very nice colorful artwork. We didn’t know you had so many blogs, Yael, so that must be a relieve to have them all planted here in one. I think Paul Simon was great😎Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😚😻

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