Getting Back To Normal

Vivid Zoe Kitty
Vivid Zoe

It’s Caturday, and we are finally getting back to normal.  Mommy’s back from her travels, and Passover Passed Over.  And the sun has been shining a little bit.  We had nearly 70 degrees the other day, but today it is back to clouds and drizzle.  Yup, we are definitely getting back to normal, except for Mommy having to drop off our other Mommy at the airport at 4:30 am.  Yuks.

Anyway, she is too tired to edit a whole bunch of art for us today, so she picked the two best.  The first one is, me, Zoe with bright vivid colors next to my beautiful black self.  She used Lunapic Graffiti filter for this one.

Vivid Zoe Kitty Original
Vivid Zoe Kitty Original

This is the original.  It’s so pretty, I don’t needs a filter.

Sleeping Raja Kitty
Sleeping Raja Kitty

She did this of Raja, also I Lunapic, with the Edatonist filter.  She loves this one.  I’m, so, so about it.  It only makes him more orange.

Sleeping Raja Kitty Original
Sleeping Raja Kitty Originalm

This is the original photo of him,  it’s OK.

Now, we are going to check out the other pics on Caturday Art.


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  1. Oooh now they are very alive and a delight to see. I think I prefer Raja’s the best this week, the colours are so warming…
    Toodle pips and purrs


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