A Brand New Look For Playing In Catnip

Kitty Paws
Kitty Paws

I finally did it. I finally changed the theme on my blog. I had gotten a theme I had gotten from Pretty Darn Cute Designs, but couldn’t bring myself to go through all the work of setting it up. (I actually do Not earn a commission from them for this.  I just like them.). It’s called Travel Pretty, and is designed for Travel Blogs, but I really liked the look and decided I wanted to try it. Over the weekend I started working on updating my blog with the new theme. I’m not finished yet, but I am already Loving it. So here I am showing off the new look.

I love the cool colors options in this theme, and I love the kitty paws graphic I was able to insert into the header. It is not a background image, but an insert, and alternatively. I could have put an ad in the same spot. I also really like the fact that the blog title is larger and not squished to the top any more.

Raja Kitty Boy
Raja Boy

And I really like the brand new slider that has much narrower images than my previous one and fits all the way across the page. I hope you like it. I kept all my sweet kitty pics from my Menagerie slider, but cropped them. Click the pics to see their stories.  Here is my sweet Raja boy.

Zoe Kitty Girl
Zoe Girl

And Zoe’s picture.

Sweet Jet Kitty
Sweet Jet

And Jet.

Esther Lounging
Esther Lounging

And Esther.

Max Kitty Boy Boy
Max Boy Boy

And Max Boy.

Typo Kitty Girl
Typo Girl

And Typo.

The Noble Octagon Kitty
The Noble Octagon

And Octagon.

Grand Kitty Nuggles
Grand Kitty Nuggles

And my Grand Kitty, Nuggles.

I have been playing around with the placement of all the widgets and will probably play some more. I haven’t put anything in the footer area yet, but am considering it. I decided to take out the Facebook feed, it may put it back. There are some glitches with image size which I haven’t yet figured out.  You can see what I mean on this page.  The new size is the larger image, but for some reason the update is taking irregularly.  Next stop tech support.  I am also still looking through all the instructions for other stuff I can do with this theme, and may make even more changes. But this is it what I have accomplished so far.

Zoe and Raja are thankful Mommy managed to get their footprints on the blog and for a nice warm fireplace and fresh cat grass.

I hope you like the new look. I am really liking it so far. Raja and Zoe tell me they like it too. They particularly like their paw prints.


29 Replies to “A Brand New Look For Playing In Catnip”

  1. Good for you! I just went through the same thing this summer. I’m still tweaking things :). Love all of your kitties and the colors are really nice.


    1. Thank you. And thanks for coming by. Your site is nice. I have used a Modern Blogger Pro on my gardening site. I think tweaking is part of the normal order of things. We always want to try something new.


  2. We like the new look too, it’s fresh and light. Hey, it’s a travel theme which is okay since you’re traveling through the Blogosphere daily. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  3. Its great when you find the right theme, and can tinker around adding and changing stuff.

    The cats look lovely and the paw prints are so elegant.

    One thing I would suggest. find out from someone who uses an iPad (or tablet of some kind) if the slider works for them. Ours didn’t on iPads * sigh (But themes have developed since.)


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