TuTu Boy

TuTu Boy
TuTu Boy

And in a follow up to Cone Head Caturday, here is TuTu Boy.  It’s a very blurry pic, but we couldn’t stop laughing.   Raja got the cone off his neck and down to his waist.  A ballet kitty.

The Vet has now called and his tail was still slightly swollen, but Much better.  She left it up to us whether to keep the cone on.  We took the cone off, because the tail is so much better and he is miserable with it.

He till not happy we are keeping him in, but grateful he’s not a Cone Head any more.

Prissy Zoe Kitty On The Bed
Prissy Zoe On The Bed

And Zoe could care less.  She’s just glad she doesn’t have to get one.




18 Replies to “TuTu Boy”

  1. :::giggling behind my hand::: Seriously, Raja…that skirt looks good on you! And Zoe, you’d best count your lucky stars because that cone monster could always drop upon you if you misbehave!


  2. Raja, I am pleased that YOU managed to get the cone half off. You should take up ballet…I hear it is good exercise and I bet Zoe would get off the bed for that!


  3. That is a creative use of the cone of shame! Maybe Tutu Boy is just getting ready to take part in the Nutcracker Ballet for Christmas. 🙂 Both kitties are very cute.


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