It’s Sunday Selfie Time

Wide Awake Zoe Kitty
Wide Awake Zoe

It’s Sunday Selfie time, and when Mommy called me for a selfie, here I was. (Well, she really took these on Friday.). I think I look very pretty and pretty wide awake. We missed Caturday Art, cuz Mommy had a Jewish holiday called Yom Kippur. She said it’s a fast that goes real slow. At least she fed us, even some treats and Nip.

Growly Zoe Kitty
Growly Zoe

I’m kinda growly here.  I promise, I wasn’t really mad.  Mommy liked it.

Snoozy Raja Kitty
Snoozy Raja

My bruver, Raja, was too snoozy to take a selfie, so Mommy got a couple of pictures of him asleep, anyway.

Snoozy Raja Kitty Closeup
Snoozy Raja Closeup

And a closeup of my snoozy bruver.  Mommy thinks he’s cute when he sleeps.

Mommy has to go to a wedding, whatever that is; so she doesn’t know if she can help us with our posts for a week or two.

She said there will be a big party. I think that will be fun. I wonder if there will be Nip.  I wonder why we can’t go.  She says there will be lots of people we don’t know.



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  1. Oooh I love parties, well the sort that involve games such as Spin the Mouse, or Unpin the tail from the Mouse. MOL
    I think when theres so many strangers around it’s nice to have a separate gathering only for us cats, so sounds like your mom is doing the right thing. I do hope the catering will be up to scratch though i.e. heavy on the nip and cheese and cream?
    Toodle pip and purrs


    1. Oooh. I like your idea for a pawty for us Cats. I think I’ll lobby mommy for this and get her to change her mind. Imagine a pawty with lots of nip, cream, and cheese. Yummy.
      Zoe and Raja


  2. Nice selfies, Zoe & Raja! I’m glad your mom fed you even though she was having a slow fast. Hope she enjoys the wedding. Maybe she will bring you back some nip! : )


    1. Thank you. Mommy thinks she will have fun. She gets to see her granddaughter and her new fiancé, too. We don’t know her yet, and hope she will visit us.
      Zoe and Raja


    1. Thanks, Speedy. Mommy thinks the wedding will be fun. Now if Raja can manage to post for us with his extra toes (thumbs) while mommy is gone, we will be set.
      Raja and Zoe


  3. Zoe and Raja, you two look beautiful as always. We hope your Mommy had a meaningful and easy fast (which we know goes really slowly…). We hope she has fun at that wedding, too!


    1. Thank you and thanks for coming by. Mommy said the only problem with the fast was that it was too slow. She can’t wait to go to the wedding, cuz she gets to see lots of the family, and that will be fun. We can’t go, but mommy promises treats for us and some nip.
      Zoe and Raja


    1. Thanks and thanks for visiting us. Nip at a wedding sounds good to me. It’ll attract kitties to the wedding. That would be fun.
      Yael from Playing In Catnip


    1. Thanks and thanks for coming by. Mommy is excited about the wedding, because she gets to see everyone in the family.
      Zoe and Raja from Playing In Catnip


    1. Lol. Nope, don’t think so. We have known about it for three years. Kitties aren’t happy I will be gone, because they can’t go out.


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