Slow Mo Caturday Art

Red Eyed Zoe Kitty
Red Eyed Zoe

I have been in slow mo after the workmen came. There is still a lot left for us to do to get the house back together before the next round of workmen come next week. At least the kitties can go out now, much to their relief.

So I was a little lazy putting together some artsy fartsy stuff for Caturday Art. I made complete use of two fers. This time I used only Hipstamatic lenses and films. The first one of Zoe (above) is the Hipstamatic Laos combination (Kuhn Lo lens Vientian film). I love Zoe’s red eyes. And the green in the table cloth is completely subdued while the red jumps forward.

Table Top Zoe Kitty Original
Table Top Zoe Original

This is the original photo. Isn’t she cute?n

News Print Zoe Kitty
News Print Zoe

I used the same original photo to get this cool newsprint effect. I used the Hipstamatic Kruzenberg combination (Johannes lens Strasberg film). Here, it’s the greens that stand out.

Orangey Beige Raja Kitty
Orangey Beige Raja

Not to be outdone, I used the same Laos combination (Kuhn Lo lens Vientian film) to get this cool picture of Raja. I love the cool red foliage and beigey orange and grey on my orange boy.

Yawning Raja Kitty Original
Yawning Raja Original

This is the original for that picture.

Magenta Orange Raja Kitty
Magenta Orange Raja

I also used the same original for the next picture of Raja. It one uses the Bondi combination (Watts lens and Big Up film) to get the cool orange and pale magenta striped Raja.

It was fun doing these, and for a change I found the right images quickly. Now we can relax and enjoy Caturday.


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  1. I think you did a great job with your artwork! I would still LOVE for your blog posts to come to me individually (instead of a weekly recap)……..I LOVE reading them “as they happen!!!” You can email me at cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com


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