I’m A Prisoner In My Own Home

Prisoner Zoe Kitty
Prisoner Zoe

Today was the day of the workmen, and I’m a prisoner in my own home. Mommy had people working underneath the house to put in new insulation.

She kept us inside, because she thought it wouldn’t be safe with them here. They took out the old insulation to put in new. There are also so many fires in Oregon that it was very, very smoky and hard to breathe. Also, not safe for kitties. So we were stuck, and very bummed.  I slept on the bed or under the bed most of the time.  My bruver, Raja, hid.

Angry Smoke Hazed Sun
Angry Smoke Hazed Sun

See how yucky the sun was.  And there was lots of smoke, too.

Kitties Zoe And Raja On The Bed
Zoe And Raja On The Bed

Mommy put us in the big bedroom with our food and a litter box and a big bed to sleep on.

Prisoner Raja Kitty
Prisoner Raja

Raja hid in the closet most of the time except when Mommy came in to play with us, which she did frequently.

Mommy says we need to stay in the bedroom again tomorrow.  I don’t like that.  At least she let us out into the rest of the house tonight.  I is sitting on the couch wif Mommy.

I is very thankful that we have a Mommy who takes good care of us, even though we don’t like staying inside.  And I iz thankful it is not supposed to be so smoky tomorrow.

Thinking of all the people who are in harms way from hurricanes and fires and those recovering from Harvey.





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  1. Awwww guys, we know how mew feel, we just had a wurkman here servicing the boiler so we were incarcerated too!
    But by the looks of those fires, mew’re better off indoors fur sure, stay safe!
    Big hugs
    Basil & Co xox


  2. We hate it when workmen come round. It’s also horrible when strangers come to view the house with the estate agent because we’re trying to sell our property right now.

    Stressful for the human, but even more stressful for the kitty!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


  3. Raja & Zoe, your momma is good to keep you indoors, ’cause you don’t want to breathe in all that nasty smoke or get stepped on by the work crew. It has been super smokey here, too, I’m afraid. Mom has kept us in the bedroom & den the last couple of days where the air is clean. I sure hope that humans are being cautious & keeping an eye on the weather & the air quality for not just themselves, but also for their furry companions.


    1. It is hard with this yukky smoke. Today is better, but still here. Workmen may be gone tomorrow, and also clearer. Mommy promises that when this happens we can go out again.
      Zoe and Raja


  4. Unfortunately kitties, it’s hard to believe that a hoomin knows what’s best for you! But it true; workmen and smoke…it’s best you both stay nicely safe inside. In a little while, you’ll completely forget you were jailed! I promise you that!


  5. Sorry about your confinement. But it’s just temporary, and I have a pretty good suspicion that your mom will more than make it up to you. 😉 Happy (if somewhat confined and smokey) Wordless Wednesday!


  6. The news is so hard to watch these days with the fires and the hurricanes. We live in So. Cal so are used to the horrible fires. We’ve had many times as well where we had to hid inside because of all the smoke. Take care and hope you get some rain soon!


  7. Raja and Zoe, we are sorry you have to stay in, but Mommy is only doing it because she loves you so very much. We hope that smoke clears up for you, and purr and pray for all dealing with fires, hurricanes, and other terrible things.


  8. We know it’s not fun for you to have to stay inside, Zoe and Raja, but your wonderful mom knows what she’s doing! We are sending you all lots of purrs and prayers, and we hope all the fire and smoke will end soon.


  9. It’s good that you can stay safe in your room. Hopefully all the smoke and fires will end and there won’t be any more workers at your house and things can get back to normal.


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