Raja And Zoe Celebrating Eclipse Day

Eclipsy Sun
Eclipsy Sun

In honor of the Total Eclipse Of The Sun on Monday, August 21, I am posting some dark and eclipsy pictures of my kitties. I won’t tend the page much, because we are having three sets of guests come in for the event. (Yes, we are in the Path Of Totality). Still, Zoe and Raja are getting into the spirit of things and made me promise to post some Eclipse pictures of them for Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies.

The first, of course, is the sun itself. No eclipse yet, but I wanted to use a filter that evoked a dark landscape with the sun. I chose Lunapic Dark filter for that.  I think that works.

Red Sunrise
Red Sunrise

This is the original, which I shot a week ago at sunrise when we were having so much smoke from fires that made the sun bright red.  Beautiful, but our eyes were smarting.

Twinkly Zoe Kitty
Twinkly Zoe

Zoe is on our deck table in early morning sun. I couldn’t resist using the Lunapic Space filter on that one. I think it’s pretty Eclipsy, don’t you?  And really pretty Spacy and cool.

Zoe Kitty On The Deck Table
Zoe On The Deck Table

Here is the original of her on the table in the early morning sun.

Dark Sunrise Raja Kitty
Dark Sunrise Raja

How do I make my bright orange kitty dark and eclipsy? I used the Lunapic Smoke filter on a picture of him in the early morning sunlight on our deck, that’s how.  I think that this captures an eclipsy feeling.

Sunrise Raja Kitty
Sunrise Raja

And here is the original. I love how the sun’s rays peek through the foliage and light up Raja’s back.

That’s all I have time for. We are already getting ready for the hoards (7) of people who are joining us for the eclipse. Four of them are sleeping over and three are driving in.

I hope that some of you live in the Path Of Totality and will get to see this spectacular event. We are praying for clear weather, and so far, three days out, the forecast looks good. Even a partial eclipse will be an event.

Just make sure that you get proper eyewear for the eclipse. Here is a link to specs for the Eclipse Specs from NASA . And here is a link for info on the Eclipse hoopla also from NASA . It’s not all there is, but it’s a good start.

Happy Eclipse Day! Real eclipse pictures to follow.


26 Replies to “Raja And Zoe Celebrating Eclipse Day”

  1. Our human saw a total eclipse in Germany many years ago. She said it was incredible! We aren’t too sure – we kind of had a total eclipse when we had visitors this week – we just want to go back to normal!


    1. My human is really psyched about the eclipse. And is hoping against hope that there won’t be clouds. She plans to keep us in, because she heard animals get freaked from eclipse. Bummer.
      Zoe and Raja


  2. We have to see the eclips on television, because it’s not visible in our Country, but Granny says, we will feel the effects of this special event 🙂 Your artwork…and pictures are beautiful. We like the twinkle stars on Zoe 🙂 Pawkisses for a wonderful Caturday 🙂 ❤


  3. We think Twinkly Zoe is our favourite 🙂 but you do such lovely work with filters…..

    Enjoy the eclipse. We worked out it is 4 a.m. our time and we will be fast asleep so we will look forward to your pictures!!


    1. Thank you, Speedy, and thanks for stopping. Mommy made us stay inside until the dark part of the eclipse was over. Crazy people setting off fireworks, scaring us. The show was gorgeous, or so Mommy says!
      Raja and Zoe


  4. my favorite is the dark sunrise! Love it! Just wanted you to know, the ONLY emails I receive from you are your “weekly” updates. If you are blogging every day I am not receiving individual posts as they happen.


    1. Thank you. I like the sparkly Zoe too.
      Thanks for letting me know which emails you are getting. I actually have it set to release a weekly email and not daily. I didn’t want to bombard people. If you prefer, I can see if I can set up an alternate version that releases daily.


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