Garage Sale Art On Caturday

Zoe Kitty Suprtvising
Zoe Suprtvising

I almost didn’t do anything for Caturday Art because of our garage sale, but here it is at the last minute. The filters are from Lunapic and Dreamscape this week, and the photos are mostly of our garage sale efforts. This first one is of Zoe supervising in the garage. I used the Lunapic Chalkboard filter. It came out pretty cool, I think.

Zoe Kitty Suprtvising Original
Zoe Suprtvising Original

This is the original, which I posted a couple of days ago for Wordless Wednesday.

Raja Kitty And The Cat Statue
Raja And The Cat Statue

I did this other cool Lunapic one with Raja by the kitty statue with binoculars. I used Lunapic Van Gogh filter. I really love that statue.

Raja Kitty And The Cat Statue Original
Raja And The Cat Statue Original

Here is the original photo of Raja. Unfortunately, it was a little blurry, but it came out pretty well, anyway.

Zoe Kitty Looking Under Paper
Zoe Looking Under Paper

This is probably the coolest picture, I did this week. I bit the bullet Andre decided to put up with Dreamscape’s painfully slow processing. This is what I got using the Infty filter. I live the swirls in the paper.

Zoe Kitty Looking Under Paper Original
Zoe Looking Under Paper Original

And this is The original of Zoe looking under the paper.

Sparkly Raja Kitty With Cat Socks
Sparkly Raja With Cat Socks

Raja us really sparkly as he watches he sort my cat socks. I used a Dreamscape custom filter for this one. I really liked it.

Sparkly Raja Kitty With Cat Socks Original
Sparkly Raja With Cat Socks Original

You saw the original the other day as well. I was sorting socks before the garage sale. No, I was not selling any of them. Here it is again.

Fancy Zoe Kitty
Fancy Zoe

Zoe was just relaxed after a hard day helping sort things for the garage sale. She took time to relax on the bed, and how self satisfied she looks. I love this multi-color picture of Zoe regaling herself on the bed. I used another Dreamscape Custom filter for this one.

Fancy Zoe Kitty Original
Fancy Zoe Original

This is the original of Zoe relaxing on the bed.

Saturday morning begins the garage sale. We are fairly well organized and hope to have things set up on tables by the time people start arriving. Zoe and Raja have done their part to help. Now, just wish us luck on the sale.


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    1. Thank you and thanks for coming by. We did pretty well with the garage sale. We still have things to take to charity though and we decided to keep a few things.


    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by. I have fun with the pictures. Dreamscape, despite how nicely the images turn out, has problems in hiw very slowly the images render.


  1. Well I have to say Zoe under the paper is a real winner for us, such beautiful lines and subtle colours. As for the garage sale, I’m just glad they didn’t try to buy you or your peep! I keep trying to get rid of mine but it never happens!


    1. Thank you. It went pretty well, even though it was exhausting. We didn’t let the kitties out until pretty late after the traffic had died down. Raja responded by staying out until 11:00pm and teasing me about coming in. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


  2. Wow, these artsy pictures are wonderful! I really enjoyed looking at all of them. I think my favorite may of the one of Raja with the socks.


  3. All of these are quite interesting. Mom ‘s favorites are the first one and the one with cat socks. Thanks for joining our hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  4. Oh my! I have begun to LURV playing with my cat photos with filters, but I only use Prisma and some stuff I find on Instagram. Guess I’d better up my game!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! You have beautiful kitties.


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