Helping With The Garage Sale

Zoe Kitty Helping Mommy Original
Zoe Helping Mommy Original

This week Mommy is very busy getting ready for a garage sale. I is helping her. First I helps her go through stuff in boxes.

Raja Kitty Helping Mommy Sort Cat Socks
Raja Helping Mommy Sort Cat Socks

Raja help Mommy go through her sock drawer. She has bunches of cat socks. Raja says he helped her sort them.

Zoe Kitty Supervising Garage Sale Stuff
Zoe Supervising Garage Sale Stuff

I is so busy helping her organize stuff in the garage. My best job is supervising.

Raja Kitty Getting Ready For The Day
Raja Getting Ready For The Day

My brother Raja just sleeps in the pathway and doesn’t help much.

We is thankful Mommy is getting rid of stuff in the garage sale. Then she can buy us more cat toys.


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  1. You’re only supervising?? Bad job – you should fur everything up – we’re sure it would sell even better that way!

    P.S. SO weird!! Your last 6 posts were displayed in our Feedly yesterday at once – we thought you were having a summer vaccation on your blog!


    1. Ha, ha. You are giving us ideas. We should go and get busy. I’m sure we could cover everything wif our fur. Funny about your feed. No, we is not on vacation.
      Zoe and Raja


  2. That’s a great plan! Make room for more stuff for you two! We’re glad to hear she’s keeping her cat socks. The lady loves cat socks! You both are so cute. Raja, we like your loaf positions in your pictures, and Zoe, you’re adorable supervising!


    1. We are glad she is keeping the cat socks, too. We likes them. And we are very happy that the stuff Mommy gets rid of will mean more room for stuff for us.
      Zoe and Raja


  3. Raja, you look a lot like our Ohs cat. We bet that all of you are a huge help. We know we would be by rearranging things. You all have a great day. Great pictures of all of you.


  4. I have a stack of cat socks too, but am always looking for more! If we were to have a garage sale, no cat items would be in it; only boring things like old lamps and posters…and clothes that I don’t fit into anymore. Hope yours is successful!


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