Happy Caturday Art Day

I Is Free - Raja Kitty
I Is Free – Raja

Happy Caturday Art Day! It’s that day again for us to share the art and photo filters we have been playing with. I (Raja) is Very Happy that I is Free again after my awful ordeal being cooped up in the house because of the heat wave. This pictur of me shows it. I told Mommy to use the Word Foto app because it makes words the words.  I can’t read, though.

I Is Free - Raja Kitty Original
I Is Free – Raja Original

She took this photo of me this morning after I was set free.

I'll Getcha - Zoe Kitty
I’ll Getcha

Zoe copy catted me and wanted to use the same filter. That wasn’t very nice of her. She was helping Mommy sort stuff for a garage sale. She tried to grab Mommy’s hand through the paper protecting the rug from a yucky box. So, here is Zoe’s Getcha picture, also using Word Foto. Mommy really did get away from Zoe.

Cutout Zoe Kitty
Cutout Zoe

Mommy also used the same picture with a different Dreamscape filter, Clay Scrawl. I think this is pretty cool. It looks like cutouts.

I'll Getcha - Zoe Kitty Original
I’ll Getcha – Zoe Original

Mommy took that photo last night when was Zoe helping her.

Zoe Kitty Helping Mommy
Zoe Helping Mommy

Zoe wanted to check out the box that Mommy was sorting through. I was still sulking about not going out and was in the closet again. She used the Dreamscape Fire Prayer filter.  It’s all swirly.

Zoe Kitty Helping Mommy Original
Zoe Helping Mommy Original

This is the photo Mommy took used of Zoe circling the big box.

Purple Raja Kitty
Purple Raja

I wasn’t sulking this morning. I was Sooo happy to be Ouwwwt. I hung out on the deck with Mommy and let her take my picture, many times. We watched as some baby birds were going through the dogwood tree.  I wanted to gets me some birdies. I was very happy with the picturs. I told Mommy I wanted a really colorful filter to tell everyone how happy I was to be out. So, she used the Dreamscape filter Purple Dawn. Wow, that’s purple.

Purple Raja Kitty Original
Purple Raja Original

Here is the photo of me. The sun was just hitting me. Happy Morning! I is so handsome.

Raja Kitty's Happy Morning
Raja’s Happy Morning

Mommy also did this picture of me that looks very gardeny, kinda like little flowers. Mommy thought it looked a little like Monet. She used the Dreamscape filter Cypresses. I liked it. And I was so happy to be with Mommy.

Raja Kitty's Happy Morning Original
Raja’s Happy Morning Original

This was the photo she took of me.

Mommy really liked the Dreamscape filters, but hated the app which processed the images very, very slowly.  I just care that they were pretty cool.  I stayed out all day until it was just starting to get dark.  So happy to go out again.


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    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by. I actually have PSP X, but, alas, I no longer have a pic to run it on. I really wish Corel did a Mac version, because I have used PSP forever.


  1. Dreamscope can be very slow! The speed seems to depend on the time of day–I’ve found it to be much faster early in the morning. Guess more people are using it later. They have such nice effects though! All your art is lovely, but I really like how the Clay Scrawl turned out. Will have to try that one 🙂


  2. That Word Foto app sounds like fun! Now I need to think about how I would caption Mudpie’s pictures 🙂 All your artwork is gorgeous. I especially love Raja’s Happy Morning.


  3. Wow, Raja! That is some wonderful artwork of you and Zoe. Our favorite is Raja’s Happy Morning, but they are all terrific. We are happy it’s cooled off some for you there, so that you can go outside. 🙂



  4. Oooh what a lovely selection, it’s so hard to pick a fav. But for us the two that are most evocative are the woodcut and the Monet.
    Hope you have a cool week ahead, and more FREE time.


  5. We’ve never heard of Word Foto. We think those photos came out really cool. We’ll need to check it out. Mom likes Dreamscope also, but she hasn’t used it in a while because of how slow it is. She doesn’t want to pay to get the faster version. We particularly love the original photos of Raja outdoors. Thanks for hopping with us. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    1. Thank you. Word Foto is pretty cool even though I don’t use it often. Dreamscape filters are lively, but I don’t think I have enough patience to deal with the slowness that often.


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