Sad Kitties In A Heat Wave

Angry Red Sun
Angry Red Sun

Us kitties are all sad in this heat wave. This morning we waked up to an angry red sun just poking its head above the trees. Mommy took a photo, but didn’t let us out.

Raja Kitty Hiding In The Closet
Raja Hiding In The Closet

Mommy said it supposed to get up to 108° today. She hasn’t let us out for two whole days. It seems like furrever. She says she’s not letting us out tomorrow eiver, because it’s supposed to be 106°. I don’t know what 106° is. I just wants out! I just very sad and hid in the closet.

Prissy Zoe Kitty On The Bed
Prissy Zoe On The Bed

There’s nothing to do inside except harass my sister. She’s all prissy there on the bed. She says she’s sad too, but I don’t believe her.

Raja Kitty Hiding Behind A Curtain
Raja Hiding Behind A Curtain

Oh, mommy opened the door. Maybe she’ll let me out. But no. She just went to turn on the water outside. I think I’ll go hide behind the curtains now.

Zoe Kitty Watching Bird TV
Zoe Watching Bird TV

Zoe decided to at least watch Birdie TV. Maybe I should watch Bird TV to take my mind off of being sad that Mommy won’t let me out.

Raja Kitty Hiding Behind A Curtain 2
Raja Hiding Behind A Curtain 2

Mommy says it’s because she loves us and doesn’t want us out in the heat. She is thankful for the air conditioner. I will just be thankful when she lets us out.  For now, I’m just hiding behind the curtains.

For fun, Mommy made this video of me when I was a kitten and not yet allowed to go out. She thought it was funny. I didn’t.  I just wanted ouwwwt!


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  1. Raja, you are too cute in that video & what a fine reach you have with your paw! Mom came back from lunch with a friend and I heard her say it is “96” outside and supposed to get up to “108.” I think that is human for “hot hot!” She said she “is melting.” Humans can be dramatic at times, but she did look real red in the face. Doggie & I are staying cool inside. Be so glad that you are not out in the heat; it is not good for anypawdy!


    1. It is hot hot. Mommy just went outside to pick some tomatoes and lettuce. She said it was 103°. I still want to go outside and see for myself.
      Raja and Zoe


  2. We kitties are supposed to be happy at temps up to 120 degrees, but we do not blame your mom for making you stay in. It really is a scorching summer. That video is terrific. We are totally surprised that you didn’t get that door open. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    1. Mommy used to let me out in the morning then take me in before it got too hot. I got wise and avoided hanging out at home. Do you think that’s why she stopped letting me out when it is really going to get hot?
      Raja and Zoe


  3. Where in the world do you live? That is even hotter than here on the bayou and it is stupid hot here! Y’all definitely need to stay indoors with those high temperatures!


  4. Whew! That is really hot. I hope that you are able to stay cool. It sounds like your humans are just doing their best to keep you safe. Heat exhaustion can come on without many symptoms leading up to it. Maybe things will cool down so you can go out and play soon.


    1. Mommy isn’t letting us out again today. Because it will be almost as hot as yesterday. Tomorrow is cooling down, so we gets to go out again. Yippee!
      Raja and Zoe


  5. Aww we hope it gets better for you. On this end we hope summer doesn’t end… It’s finally warm after a freeezing winter!


  6. We had some of that hot weather a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, we had a cold front go through and it’s only in the 80s this week. Of course, we don’t go outside, so we stay indoors with the AC.


  7. Oh guys, now that’s hot, in fact it’s supurr scorchio, it’s only 18C here, so if mew want to sent a little bit our way we’ll take it!

    Keep the A/C on, the fans running and keep cool guys!

    Happy weekend

    Basil & Co xox


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