Jet’s Caturday Art

Jet Kitty Loving Petting
Jet Loving Petting

For Caturday Art, I decided to use some of the photos (minus the text) that I used for Thankful Thursday’s post about my sweet formerly stray boy, Angel Jet. (If you missed his story, here is a link: Jet The Stray Gets A Home).

The first was Jet snuggling, as he became so happy to do. I used the Lunapic Futuristic filter with the Aviary Handmade Speckle frame.

Jet Kitty Loving Petting Original
Jet Loving Petting Original

And this is the original.

Smoky Jet Kitty
Smoky Jet

For a completely black cat, I couldn’t resist using the Lunapic Smoke filter with the Aviary Doodle Lovely frame. This is the same photo I used for the last one I posted of Jet with the blue eyes.

Smoky Jet Kitty Original
Smoky Jet Original

This is the original photo before any editing.

Jet Kitty At The Vet
Jet At The Vet

I used this photo of Jet in the previous post as well. This is one of a series of photos I did in the Vets office. I used the Lunapic Watercolor filter with an Aviary Dip Dye Mist frame.

Jet Kitty At The Vet Original
Jet At The Vet Original

And this is the original I used. This was even before the editing I had done for the image I used in the previous post.

Jet Kitty On The Doorstep
Jet On The Doorstep

I couldn’t decide which Lunapic filter to use for this picture of Jet sleeping on our doorstep, once he had decided we were his. So, I decided to use both images.

The first one I used the Lunapic Fantasy filter with Aviary Sizzle Dots frame.

Jet Kitty On The Doorstep 2
Jet On The Doorstep 2

And for the second one I used Lunapic Floating filter with Aviary Point Pink frame.

Jet Kitty On The Doorstep Original
Jet On The Doorstep Original

Here is the original of Jet just splatted on our doorstep.

Mommy And Jet Kitty
Mommy And Jet

The last photo is of the incredibly affectionate lap kitty that Jet became. This is me with Jet in my lap in our garage. I used the Lunapic Mola filter with the Aviary Far East Spirit frame.

Mommy And Jet Kitty Original
Mommy And Jet Original

Finally, the original photo of me with Jet in my lap.

Now if you missed my previous post about Jet the Stray’s story, here is the link again: Jet The Stray Gets A Home.


29 Replies to “Jet’s Caturday Art”

  1. Those all look great! I think “Jet on the Doorstep 2” is my favorite–after the dark, rainy day we had yesterday, the light colors are very refreshing!


  2. Jet’s story is a familiar one as we have several strays now living in our home. They truly do seem to appreciate what you have done for them (saved them from). Lovely post, Yael …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  3. Those all came out great . I especially like the one of you and Jet, but they are all beautiful. I need to try Lunapic, I think I used it once, but didn’t test out a lot of the filters. Have a nice weekend!


  4. You always do such a wonderful job with your artwork, Yael. What a special cat Jet was, and how blessed he was to have found you (and you him). ❤


  5. What a lovely selection this week. It’s a toss up for Smoky Jet, which reminds me of the Wraiths in lord of the rings or Jet on the doorstep 2, which reminds us of a summers day…. which I haven’t seen for ages!
    Purrs. ERin


  6. What amazing photos! I love them all. Wish mama knew how to make me into those exotic creatures…
    Any hints?
    Love, Loulou


  7. your art is wonderful! Ok, now I am trying to get your INDIVIDUAL blog posts to come to my inbox (they are not, only the newsletter is)……….the email I am using for this comment is NOT the one it should go to, the posts should go to cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com.

    We are one step closer! 🙂


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