Meet Zoe


Zoe Lying On Catnip
Zoe Lying On Catnip

Let’s start with some introductions.

This is my Zoe kitty.  She is my 12 year old tuxedo kitty and is a total twit.  She’s always busy, which is why I can rarely get a good picture of her.  Here I happened to catch her on top of some freshly cut Catnip.  Her fur is some of the softest I have ever touched.

Most mornings she awakens us with a whisker on the face and breathing or purring in our ears or she taps one of us on the face telling us it is time to get up and feed her.

When the weather is nice, she goes outside and sometimes can’t be coaxed to come in.  In colder weather she finds nice warm spots inside.  Whether inside or out she likes to find a nice spot in the sun to take a nap, and another nap, and another nap.

I told you she is a twit.  Can’t you tell from the body language in the picture?  Just an example.  We have a younger cat, Raja, who we got as a kitten.  When Raja was a kitten, Zoe was less than welcoming.  He was a normal kitten and wanted to play.  All she could do was swat and hiss at him.  She just wouldn’t make friends.  Well, now he is big, and it’s payback time.  He is a bully and has made himself Alpha kitty, harassing Zoe.  She still swats and occasionally hisses.  But she also rubs noses with him, and will occasionally condescend to lay near him.  We will often see them chasing each other.  There is more, but you will find that out later on.

She has always been picky, but now she is downright finicky with her food.  Something she loved this morning, she walks away from tonight.    We are constantly changing wet foods for her, although the dry food is fairly constant.  We change brands and varieties and then start all over again to keep our twitty girl eating.

I’m so proud of her, because the vet just gave our senior girl a glowing health report.  Hoping it stays this way for a long time to come.  Another tuxedo kitty I had, Octagon, stayed with us until he was 21.






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